Brand yourself with Grace & Manners! Our e-commerce gift shop of merchandise features our stylized, vibrant, stunning illustrations. Our pieces have a charm and spirit that speak to a ‘multi-culti´ sensibility with a smart use of bold, unyielding lines and an uncomplicated, graceful use of color. The illustrations are a playful use of simple elements for maximum effect.  We have a vibrant and welcoming presence that speaks clearly, simply and thoughtfully to the Grace & Manners brand, and promote strength with GRACE, inspiration with elegance, purpose with joy, and integrity (MANNERS) with kindness. 

The favored gift shop item is our Grace & Manners Postcard Collection. We have donated to the Miss America Pageant {“Miss USA girls want to grow up to be Victoria Secret models, and Miss America girls want to be doctors and lawyers.” -- Megan Viola-Vu in Pageant News Jan. 10, 2013} where it was listed in the Official Event Guide for the 95th Annual Miss America Swag Bag Event, and included in other gift bags for various events/organizations, among them:


Rose Levy, The 71st Annual Theatre World Awards

"Thank you so much for participating in the 71st Annual Theater World Awards by giving us your beautiful postcards.  It is greatly appreciated and the cards were received by people like Matthew Broderick, Chita Rivera, Dame Diana Rigg, and many more."


The Dream Team @BeautifulMe_Co - Be Me is an organization geared to bring out young individuals inner beauty, confidence, and self-worth in today's world of unrealistic beauty standards where negative body images and bullying are all too common.

“We wanted to formally thank you for the donation of your wonderful products! Without them the day would not have been a success! Your generosity is so appreciated by not only us but to the girls as well. The girls were so excited about all of the products they received in their swag bags. Your products were so crucial and gave the girls something to remember and take with them after the event."