KATHY ANDERSON, Owner/Operator

"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved."— Helen Keller

Kathy Anderson’s mission started when she became aware of the two concepts, Right Livelihood, and Venture Philanthropy. Within a few years, her sister Karen (1960-2004), a visual artist, suggested they collaborate to create a small stationery business named Grace & Manners (G&M) where Karen’s illustrations would be used on merchandise and marketed to build a brand with a social mission. Together, they realized this small company could grow to serve a higher purpose {impact} that would benefit the human family. Throughout Karen’s career as a visual artist and arts education advocate, community service was her benchmark.

Unfortunately, Karen succumbed to an auto-immune malady, leaving a litany of art to be cataloged, copy written, and organized. During this time, Kathy researched UNESCO and its “Creative Cities” program.  She recognized the opportunity to concentrate the efforts of Grace & Manners on promoting a pragmatic cultural public policy together with a functioning creative economy.  The idea of using creative ventures clustered to contribute and endorse STE(A)M education and building a community wealth/asset movement. For Kathy, this clarified the G&M mission and its planned social impact. Ultimately, we measure success in terms of our influence on the global experience fostered by social and cultural entrepreneurs to inspire and increase mutual benefit.

The need we identify in our prospective customers is to promote the building of progressive communities and create a practical cultural public policy for social innovation and related opportunities.

Our call-to-action is a call for personal engagement.  As we build the Grace & Manners brand, we want to make the most of local, national, and global creative industries to build this cultural public policy that (1) develops a thriving creative sector and economy, and (2) provides services similar to the financial, social, and environmental initiatives used for social impact.  The mindset behind our call-to-action is to advance our mission on as many levels as possible to build dynamic economies and more inclusive societies. 

The Grace & Manners motto is to honor strength with GRACE, inspiration with elegance, purpose with joy, and integrity (MANNERS) with kindness.