KATHY ANDERSON, Owner/Operator


My Story

While working for the Board for International Broadcasting, I became aware of the concepts of Right Livelihood and Venture Philanthropy, and began increasing my working knowledge of public service.  My sister Karen (1960-2004), a vibrant visual artist, suggested we collaborate to create a small stationery business named Grace & Manners (G&M) where Karen’s illustrations would be used on merchandise and we would build a brand with a social mission. 

When I discovered UNESCO’s “Creative Cities” program,  I recognized the opportunity to promote a pragmatic cultural public policy to champion STE(A)M education and build a community wealth/asset movement. Ultimately, we measure success in terms of our connection in the global experience helped by social and creative entrepreneurs to inspire and increase mutual benefit.  

Our call-to-action is a call for personal engagement.  As we build the Grace & Manners brand, we, also, want to develop a cultural public policy similar to the financial, social and environmental initiatives used for social impact and organizing dynamic, more inclusive societies.  The Grace & Manners builds strength with GRACE, inspiration with elegance, purpose with joy, and integrity (MANNERS) with kindness.


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