Who We Are 

The People behind Grace & Manners

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My sister, the artist/creator of GRACE AND MANNERS, Karen Anderson (1960-2004) was a passionate advocate of arts education, libraries as centers that build communities, and all expressions of human kindness. I became aware of the concepts of Right Livelihood and Venture Philanthropy, and focused my interests on a community-minded, socially concerned approach to public service. We set out to combine our skills and interests to create a small stationery business named Grace & Manners (G&M) featuring original art illustrations.  


Our mission to build an innovative community focused on collaborative, solutions-oriented efforts using the creative sector and creative economy for social impact made the best use both our abilities. Connecting businesses committed to social innovation, community wealth/public asset building, and unity of purpose initiatives are the means our company uses to rally the interests of our customers to develop creative, dynamic economies and more inclusive societies.


Unfortunately, our lives took on a downward-spiral when destiny's dark sense of humor dismantled best laid plans. Karen was diagnosed and succumbed to the auto-immune deficiency disease, Hughes {Antiphosphoroslipid} Syndrome, leaving me to continue without my very best friend and business partner. I became its sole proprietor and floundered when Karen died. I had no idea what my process should be nor how, or even if, I wanted to continue without her. I asked, “what would Karen do,” and how would I maintain her vision for public service. Now, 12 years later, social selling, cause and influence marketing, and strategic alliances (collaborative leadership) is how our collective vision pushes forward. As 'chief-cook-and-bottle-washer' of a small ecommerce business, it has definitely been difficult, but Grace & Manners is committed to like minds around the world who engage in the prinicple of "human creativity as the ultimate economic resource,” this is where creative and social entrepreneurship meet.